This is my KordBoard. It is a seven key chording keyboard built with an Arduino Pro Micro. With just seven keys and one hand, I am able to type anything that doesn’t require special characters and perform many tasks on my computer. In fact, I am typing this using the KordBoard right now. Sure, my […]

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Two Wheels

There’s something purifying about the open road. Two wheels, all that separates you from disaster as you fly down the ridge. Each moment clamors for attention and no time can be spent on wondering how you should have taken a better line through that turn. The next curve is in your face and demanding you […]

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Starting the Year Off Write!

Fantasy lovers rejoice! Just in time for the new year, my newest novel, In the Snake’s Shadow has been published. It’s the third and final book in the Tears of Tyrra series, but it stands alone, so even readers who have not read Memoirs of the Crimson Dwarf and Memoirs of the Azure Elf can enjoy In the Snake’s Shadow. To celebrate, Kindle […]

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Fun with Machine Learning

I wanted to take Thanksgiving break off, so I’ve trained my computer to write for me. Machine Learning is an exciting development in computer programming. In this case, I “train” my computer using a series of texts, and it builds a model to understand the language within. Then, it uses mathematical computation to put out […]

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Inside the Radiotherapy Machine

I closed my eyes and tried to breathe, slowly, methodically, calming, but calm didn’t come to me. I struggled to swallow, but the saliva just caught in the back of my throat. The hard plastic mesh of the mask pushed down on my neck and prevented me from swallowing. It also held my jaw in […]

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